Purchase SPOT Pro license

A SPOT Pro™ License is available at the following rates:

SPOT Pro™ v5.X Single user license - $795

SPOT Pro™ v5.X Multiple user licenses - $30 off per license per additional user - contact spot@daylightinginnovations.com for specific needs

SPOT Pro™ v5.X Educational licenses - ~$100 per seat - contact spot@daylightinginnovations.com for specific needs

Host a SPOT Pro™ Webinar and recieve a discount! - contact spot@daylightinginnovations.com if interested

To purchase a SPOT Pro™ license, please enter a valid e-mail address and the License Code that is generated by the software.  Install the trial version of the software to generate this code.  The License Code needs to be generated on the machine and with the login that will be using the software.  You will be taken to PayPal to enter payment information.  The name and address information provided to PayPal, along with your License Code and issued license number, will be stored and used for future technical support and upgrades.  Once the payment is accepted a license file will be e-mailed to the e-mail address provided.  If there are any issues receiving or installing the license file, contact spot@daylightinginnovations.com for technical support.