Sustainable Design

Daylighting Innovations provides a variety of general Sustainable Design Assistance services for both commercial and residential new construction and retrofit building projects.  We thrive on coming up with innovation solutions for the challenging and complex problems that often arise in highly sustainable and zero energy projects.  We have a three-fold focus to our work:

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  • Provide quick, accurate and integrated simulation and analysis to inform design rather than simply document design.  We feel the industry has slid into this mode where daylighting and energy modeling is either just this expensive tail end accounting function to get a LEED plaque or a dry analysis of pre-packaged energy saving measures rather than something that guides and informs good passive design.  Additionally, the quality and accuracy of this simulation work has too often been poor and misguiding.  We strive for accurate analysis that gives the best overall guidance relative to performance and sustainability.
  • Stress and encourage passive design strategies first over expensive and high maintenance active systems.  We focus on good building massing, orientation, daylighting and natural ventilation, and space programming to reduce loads first before meeting the remaining loads with all the new highly efficient active systems.
  • Create inspirational, educational and aesthetically exciting projects with integrated daylighting sculptures and occupant based interactive energy saving strategies.  With good passive design and highly efficient lighting, cooling and heating systems, occupants are playing a bigger and bigger role in the energy use of a building - plug loads are becoming a more and more dominant piece of the energy load.  Designing projects that encourage occupants to be aware of their built environment and encourage positive interaction not only has significant energy saving potential but also leads to a more exciting, happy and thriving workplace that is easier and cheaper to maintain.

As many firms are bringing sustainable knowledge in-house, we keep our fees very affordable so that we are often used as an extension to a firm's in-house design team when our expertise is needed.  Being focused solely on sustainable design, energy and daylighting means that we maintain a high level of expertise rather than having to refresh ourselves when this type of work only comes along occassionally.  Often our rates are found to be highly competitive with internal labor efforts and our services are only used when and where they are needed resulting in additional savings.  As a collaboration partner, our resumes and expertise can be freely used for marketing to promote a large and more expert design team on your proposals.

In addition to our general sustainable design consulting and owner representation services, see our specific research, development, design and analysis service pages for more information on our offerings:

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