SPOT Screen Shots

The following screen shots demonstrate the user interface and technical capabilities of SPOT™. View overview and flow diagram to become familiar with SPOT.

View Support to see technical support information, user's forum, and FAQs.

Project Setup

The project set-up page is displayed upon opening SPOT, shown in Figure 2-1. This page is for setting up initial project information and allows the user to define Advanced Options to be used in the analysis.

Advanced Options

Advanced options allows the user to change some of the program calculation settings. The program's default values for these settings are listed and an input field is given for overriding each setting.

Geometry Input

The Geometry Input page is where the user defines the geometry and electric lighting layout of the desired space to be analyzed.

Site and Usage

The Site and Usage Input page allows the user to define the location of the building, occupancy and shade device schedules, and set the desired shade device control strategy.

Electric Lighting Results

The Electric Lighting Results page presents nighttime workplane illuminance with the electric lighting on at 100%. This page is viewable once the electric lighting calculations have finished.

Daylighting Results

The Daylighting Results page presents annual daytime workplane illuminances. By this point in the program, SPOT has only calculated a sampling of 10 representative sky conditions.

Daylighting Report

Printable report that gives an indication of the annual daylighting performance for the given space

Photosensor Generator

The last portion of the design tool provides photosensor location recommendations and allows the user to define other photosensor scenarios for further analysis.

Interior Renderings

Shows interior renderings of the space from four different views.

Photosensor Analyser

The Photosensor Analyzer allows the user to mix and match the various photosensor scenarios defined on the previous page and analyze how they will perform under a larger set of representative days and sky conditions.

Annual Results

Provides annual performance calculations and electrical lighting savings.