Sensor Placement + Optimization Tool (SPOT)

SPOT Pro™ is a premier daylighting design and analysis software with two main functions:

  • Daylighting performance simulation and analysis  The software assists a designer in analyzing the daylighting performance of a given space.  It calculates a variety of daylighting performance metrics and produces standard reports for LEED 2009, LEED v4.0 and CHPS. 
  • Daylight and electric light integration and photosensor system optimization In addition to daylighting analysis, the software can analyze the integration of electric lighting and the use of photosensor-based lighting controls.

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SPOT Pro™ provides a number of unique daylighting simulation features, including:

  • Optical daylighting system annual analysis for any systems describable by a "System BSDF" file.  These Bi-directional Scatter Distribution Function's (BSDF) describe the complete transmittance and reflectance behavior of an optical daylighting system.  Creating these files for your optical daylighting system is another service offered by Daylighting Innovations.
  • Shade control simulation of photosensor controlled automated systems and a range of manual shade control algorithms from a passive user to ideally active user.
  • Side-by-side annual metric reports including the SPOT Pro Daylighting Performance report and associated design guidance.  Reports for the LEED daylighting credit (IEQ 8.1) and CHPS daylighting credit are also included.
  • "Design Day" calculations calibrated to the chosen climate conditions.
  • Simulation of photosensor systems and the interaction of daylight and electric light in a given space.  The simulation results can be exported in both DOE-2 and EnergyPlus formats.

The software can be used for all types of spaces.  The simple geometry interface can handle nearly 90% of spaces and a geometry importer allows for analysis of those remaining odd shaped spaces.  SPOT Pro™ handles top and side daylight sources, optical daylighting systems and can model any electric lighting source.  The software uses a Microsoft® Excel platform with a Radiance engine.  View the SPOT Pro Manual for screen shots and in depth information about the software.


SPOT Pro v5.02 Available Now - SPOT Pro v5.02 has been released, visit the download page to get the latest version.  If you have a license to any previous licensed version (v4.60 -v5.01), SPOT will continue to work once you upgrade.  A new feature will allow you to import old projects into the new version if desired.

SPOT Pro 2016 Webinars - Several webinars throughout 2016 are planned to showcase the features and functionality of SPOT Pro.  See the webinar schedule and e-mail to join an existing webinar or schedule a company webinar.