J. Craig Venter Institute

Category: Design and Analysis
Year: 2010
Status: archive Building Type: Laboratories
LEED: Platinum
Location: San Diego, CA

Courtyard Photo

Daylighting Innovations provided daylighting design and analysis for the new laboratory / office facility for the J. Craig Institute in San Diego, CA.  Some renderings from the daylighting design studies and photographs of the built courtyard are included in the image gallery.  These studies explored the daylight in the central courtyard and the interplay and control of direct sunlight using arrays of photovoltaic panels as well as the daylight available to the adjacent office and laboratories.

The project was recently awarded an American Insitute of Architects (AIA) Committee on the Environment (COTE) Top 10 award for 2016!  The jury commented specifically on how well the interior spaces and courtyard were daylit and the project is achieving 80% lighting savings due to the daylight.  See the link below.

AIA COTE Top 10 Project Page

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www.zgf.com under "portfolio", "high performance"

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