The mission of Daylighting Innovations is to provide innovative daylighting related services within a sustainable design context.  With an overall goal of improving the energy performance, functionality, and the indoor visual environment of our buildings.  This goal drives our services: general sustainable design consulting, new and retrofit building daylighting consulting, detailed daylighting research, daylighting product developmenteducational services, and energy modeling, optimization and analysis.

Our planet is being pushed to the limits due to our rapidly expanding human population.  Her resources are depleting around us.  It is of utmost importance that we figure out how the 7 billion + of us can live in harmony with our mother earth, in a sustainable manner that leaves our future generations the same resources and opportunities.  Much of this responsibility falls on so called developed countries where we are consuming more per capita than any other civilization ever.  Ecological footprint analyses will tell you that if everyone comsumed at the rate of the average american, we would need 4+ planets of resources.

Our lifestyle is clearly not sustainable but can be through the efficient use of our natural and renewable resources, through eating and lifestyle changes to reduce dependance on consumption, and through cooperation, collaboration, and ingenuity.  The timing is becoming critical as our dependence on non-renewable energy (namely oil and coal) is already starting to have devastating effects on our environment.  To get there we need to be diligent and focused in implementing ideas of sustainability in all areas of our lives, from farming to business to construction to entertainment.

These ideas of sustainability drive all operations at Daylighting Innovations LLC.