Energy Modeling

Energy modeling is a critical step in the design process that influences a building's future energy use and subsequent payback. Daylighting Innovations has always advocated the assessment of early design from the standpoint of not only energy efficiency, but also long term systems design upgrades, future adaptation to novel technologies and continued occupant comfort. We have the skills to assist the design team in each of those areas through technical design investigation wherein we uniquely combine energy modeling with daylighting analysis and life cycle cost analysis. We emphasize loads optimization as the most important energy efficiency measure that is subject to smart decisions on mechanical as well as architectural side of the process. With experience and know-how in both technology and architecture, we take efforts to recommend strategies that can conveniently be absorbed within the design concept of a building. We strive to ensure that smart design moves made early on are convincingly able to survive the value engineering axe later. A building is a system of systems, and in implication, its design process is an intricate network of actions by several team members. We understand this integrated flow of design well, and are proactive in our analysis and communicating its outcomes in a way that is useful to the various team members in their own specific goals.

We offer the following services:

  • Energy modeling for early design assistance
  • Detailed energy modeling for energy-use benchmarking (LEED, code compliance etc)
  • Investigation and recommendation of energy efficiency measures for new and existing buidlings
  • Measurement and verification (M&V)
  • Energy model calibration to measured data
  • Comparison of competing design choices (Eg.: HVAC systems, specific architectural features etc)