Daylighting Design and Analysis Services

Daylighting Innovations provides daylighting design and analysis services for both new and retrofit commercial and residential projects.  We provide a variety of services to a project's design team throughout the design, construction and post-evaluaton process.  These services are aimed at assisting teams in refining the daylighting and lighting systems in a building to reap the many benefits of daylighting while avoiding the potential problems that can occur.

We offer the following services:Design Services Pic

  • Early design climate, micro-climate and site analysis
  • Daylight criteria for architectural programming
  • Facade effective transmittance analysis and massing studies
  • Glazing optimization and performance specifications
  • Detailed daylighting design, simulation and analysis during design development phases
  • Daylight modeling and simulation for annual performance calculations and photo-realistic renderings
  • Daylight responsive electric lighting control design, analysis and commissioning guidelines
  • Daylight related construction specifications and details including: glazing and fenestration, shades/blinds, skylights, overhangs/fins/louvers, interior daylight distribution devices, and daylight responsive lighting controls
  • LEED/CHPS and other rating system Daylight and View Credit calculations and documentation preparation and submittal
  • Electric lighting design and analysis with particular focus on energy efficiency, healthy circadian rhythms and daylighting integration

Daylighting Innovations utilizes an efficient workflow when creating and analyzing Daylighting models.  We can build off more complex 3D model formats, such as Revit or Sketchup, or traditional 2D formats.  The daylight models are exported to the Radiance ray-tracing software.  These Radiance models can then be simulated in any number of ways to provide daylighting and lighting calculations or renderings.

We are always happy to discuss your project and daylighting needs, provide a project review and recommend daylighting efforts and provide a scope of work and budget.