Daylighting Research and Standards Development

Daylighting Innovations provides daylighting related research services.  We have been involved in developing daylighting performance metrics, simulation and design methods and techniques, daylighting product evaluation techniques, daylighting standards for use in codes and guidelines, and daylight responsive electric lighting control methods.  We provide the following research and development services:

  • Daylight responsive electric lighting control research and control algorithm development
  • Daylight model creation from simple to complex, schematic to detailed finishes.  Hypothetical or calibrated existing spaces
  • Daylight simulation and analysis from simple model based conditions to complex climate based annual daylight simulation
  • Daylighting performance metric and standard development
  • Daylighting simulation methods and software development
  • Daylighting research plan development and implementation

We are always happy to discuss, brainstorm and develop solutions to your daylighting research and development needs.