Publications and Awards

Research Publications

2013 "Enhanced Skylight Modeling and Validation",  Prepared for California Energy Commission, Energy Research and Development Division
2012 "BIM-Centric daylight profiler for simulation (BDP4SIM): A methodology for automated product model decomposition and recomposition for climate-based daylighting simulation",  Building and Environment, Co-Authored with Benjamin Welle
2011 "ThermalOpt: A methodolgy for automated BIM-based multidisciplinary thermal simulation for use in optimization environments"  Co-Author with Ben Welle
2006 "Dynamic Daylight Performance Metrics for Sustainable Building Design"  LUEKOS, Co-Authored with Christoph Reinhart, John Mardaljevic
2006 "Daylighting Metric Development Using Daylight Autonomy Calculations in the Sensor Placement + Optimization Tool - Development Report and Case Studies"  SPOT research project for CHPS California
coming soon...  "SPOT Annual Daylight Method Validation"
coming soon...  "Development of a Daylighting Technology Evaluation Framework"


Zack Rogers with LightLouver, LLC

2010 Judges Citation Award, LightFair 2010 – LightLouver Daylighting System 2.0
2006 Crystal Achievement Award, Most innovative technical article, Glazing Magazine – LightLouver
2004 Boulder County Innovation Quotient (IQ) Award – LightLouver Daylighting System
2004       United States Patent – for the LightLouver Daylighting System Optical Design

Zack Rogers with Architectural Energy Corporation for SPOT

2008 Most Innovative Product of the Year, LightFair 2008 – Sensor Placement + Optimization Tool v4.0
2005       Energy Award/Best New Software, LightFair 2005 – Sensor Placement + Optimization Tool v2.0